Selecting Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses can be a great way for players to earn extra chips and hopefully win larger amounts of money. There are many different types of bonuses from reload and welcome bonuses to free spin and extra game bonuses. Knowing what types of bonuses there are and what they have to offer can allow a player to correctly identify the casino that is right for them.

How to earn a Bonus

First players must consider under what conditions the bonuses are given. Players usually must first qualify for bonuses. Some bonuses like the welcome bonus are a one-time deal and are given when a player signs up to play at a casino. Others, like the reload bonus, can occur multiple times and are a result of depositing a certain amount of money or playing a certain amount of time. Still others such as free spin bonuses may occur randomly and are an incentive to regularly play certain games.

What They Give

Welcome bonuses and reload bonuses are similar in what they give. Some casinos give these as matching rewards, giving players free chips in the same amount or in proportion to what the player deposits. These are often limited and serve to encourage the player to keep depositing money. Others are just opportunities for players to enjoy unlocked features or free games. These are incentive bonuses and are usually just for the fun of it.

Finding the right casino bonuses depends on the individual player. Players who are looking for the most fun should choose casinos that offer bonus features and special games. Those who want their money to go the farthest should look for casinos that offer high yield welcome bonuses and regular reload and loyalty bonuses.

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